How we work

Our expertise is based on a competent and reliable team, professional processes and a dependable network. Meditec defines itself as a service hub for manufacturers of medical devices. From here, we coordinate warehousing, shipping, technical service and emergencies for you. We thus offer the necessary security of supply for your products, while you can concentrate on your core business, the development of high-quality medical devices.

MEDITEC: Your  medical-service-hub!

We offer access and network in the medical sector without losing sight of the individual requirements of our clients.
To meet this, we go through a three-stage onboarding process together with our customers:

Step 1 Product-Knowledge

We get to know your product. Surely the most important step on the way to a well-functioning partnership. You introduce our technicians and engineers to the functionality of your products. And possibly also one of the most essential steps. Because here we want to know everything in detail.

Step 2 Process-Building

Based on these requirements, we define the necessary service levels and processes and coordinate them with you.

Step 3 Go

Together we start your medical service.