Technical Service

Doctor with an insulin pump connected in patient abdomen and holding the insulin pump at his hands. Diabetes concept.

MEDITEC sees itself as the link between manufacturers of medical devices and hospitals. Both sides are responsible for ensuring the proper functioning, delivery and maintenance of technical equipment. This is exactly the support we provide – independently, reliably and punctually.

We know what we are doing

MEDITEC is comprised of a team of experienced technical specialists covering the fields of medical technology, medical informatics, electrical engineering/electronics and mechanical engineering.

We ensure that our employees are well-trained and offer training programmes to make sure their knowledge and skills are always up to date. Our processes are documented and presented in a transparent manner.

Maintenance and repair

  • Maintenance and repair of medical devices according to legal and manufacturer specifications (e.g. medical products law)
  • Safety checks and functional tests
  • Complete administration of the rental and leasing equipment with autonomous delivery of the prescribed services
  • Conditioning/disinfection of returned equipment


  • Administration and provision of the necessary documentation and test protocols according to legal and manufacturer specifications
  • Evaluation of device-specific protocols and progression analyses


  • Project management, coordination, implementation and documentation of software and equipment upgrades/updates, recalls, etc.
  • Warehousing and inventories for/at hospitals and customer sites
  • Provision of user manuals
  • Technical 24/7 hotline staffed by trained personnel
  • Provision and set-up of equipment for trade fairs, training and demonstration purposes
  • Reminder and tracking of recurring inspection dates