Technical Service

We ensure that our employees are well-trained and offer training programmes to make sure their knowledge and skills are always up to date. Our processes are documented and presented in a transparent manner.

Maintenance and repair

  • Maintenance and repair of medical devices/loan devices according to legal and manufacturer specifications (e.g. medical products law)
  • Safety checks and functional tests
  • Complete administration of the rental and leasing equipment with autonomous delivery of the prescribed services
  • Conditioning/disinfection of returned equipment/loan devices


  • Administration and provision of the necessary documentation and test protocols according to legal and manufacturer specifications
  • Evaluation of device-specific protocols and progression analyses


  • Project management, coordination, implementation and documentation of software and equipment upgrades/updates, recalls, etc.
  • Installation/commissioning of new equipment
  • Instruction of users
  • Warehousing and inventories for/at hospitals and customer sites
  • Provision of user manuals
  • Technical 24/7 hotline staffed by trained personnel (optional)
  • Provision and set-up of equipment for trade fairs, training and demonstration purposes
  • Reminder and tracking of recurring inspection dates